Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and fly with Daniel and David to Yogaland to find the lost stones of a little girl. Play, move and tell stories together with your mother, father, friends and your teachers.

You can see the yoga exercises with illustrations inside of the foldable pages.

I am Kata Győri, I have been working as an English teacher and an English children’s yoga instructor for 20 years. My book is a great tool for the ones who are teaching yoga and also for parents, children who love playing together. Currently I live in Turin, besides my English children’s yoga and adult yoga classes, the “Magic Color Yoga” book was born especially for my 2 sons, then for my students, and for the wider audience. The book is recommended from 3 to 10 years old kids. You can practice yoga asanas through a tale.

Why do I recommend it?

Readers can experience various movement exercises, detailed descriptions and illustrations of 10 yoga poses.

The book is bilingual and can be read in Hungarian and / or English. I can tell from my own experience that it’s a great combination of playing through a story with movement and language learning.

You can find some positive affirmations (sankalpas) in the book.

This yoga adventure develops coordination, concentration, emotional intelligence, it strengthens and calms, all connected to the world of the tale.

The tale goes through the colorful path of the chakras.


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