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I am Kata Gyori, mother of two children and currently living in Turin. I have created and leading the workshops. I would like to make English kids yoga in Italy more popular. I have been teaching English for over 20 years. I taught in kindergarten, elementary school and also in private institutions.

In language teaching, unfortunately, I often see that the children are often overwhelmed, they do much less movement, they are getting more and more anxious and they have difficulty to control their emotions.

That’s why I started combining language teaching with yoga. By practicing yoga, children can relax more easily, relieve stress and anxiety, sleep better, improve emotional regulation and improve their overall mood.

I am a certified children’s yoga instructor affiliated with Yoga Alliance (I graduated from Marian Csíki – in the system of Yoga Móka, https://jogamoka.hu.). I have 11 years experience of English children’s yoga teaching in primary schools, kindergartens and nurseries.

Kids yoga is a great way to release the tension, in a playful environment way, with asanas connected with rhymes, tales, songs, breathing exercises and relaxation. I love my job, it fills me with great happiness when the kids finish the yoga class cheerfully, and they are happy to come back to our next yoga lesson. My goal with child yoga is to bring physical, mental and spiritual harmony in the kid’s life from the early age.

I also work as an adult Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yin Flow Yoga instructor. I occasionally teach Perinatal Flow Yoga and Mum and Baby Yoga affiliated with Yoga Alliance.


My trainings / teachers:

12/2020: Certificate of Yin Yoga Flow trainer (50 hours) - Kata van Doesselaar

08/2018: Certificate of Yin Yoga trainer (50 hours) Budapest, Hungary - Kata van Doesselaar

06/2018: Certificate of Vinyasa Yoga Flow trainer for adults (200 hours) Milano, Italy - Nico Luce, Monic Mastroianni

04/2016: Certificate of Prenatal Yoga Flow and Mom and Baby Yoga trainer (85hours) Ashram Yoga Center, Budapest, Hungary – Judit Varga, Mariann Csíki

05/2010: Certificate of Child Yoga Teacher (64 hours) Ashram Yoga Center, Budapest, Hungary – Mariann Csíki

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